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Hours of Idleness:
  A Series of Poems, Original and Translated

(published: 1807)

Answer To a Beautiful Poem
The Cornelian
Elegy On Newstead Abbey
Epitaph On a Beloved Friend
The First Kiss of Love
Fragment (Hills of Annesley)
A Fragment (When, to their airy hall)
I Would I Were a Careless Child
Lachin Y Gair
Lines Addressed To a Young Lady
Lines Addressed To The Rev. J.T. Becher, On His Advising...
Lines Written Beneath an Elm in the Churchyard of Harrow
Love's Last Adieu
On a Change of Masters At a Great Public School
On a Distant View of Harrow
On Leaving Newstead Abbey
On The Death of a Young Lady
Oscar of Alva
The Prayer of Nature
Stanzas To a Lady, With The Poems of CamoŽns
The Tear
Thoughts Suggested By a College Examination
To a Beautiful Quaker
To Caroline
To D____
To The Duke of Dorset
To E____
To The Earl of Clare
To Edward Noel Long, Esq.
To Eliza
To Emma
To George, Earl Delawarr
To a Lady (O! had my Fate been join’d with thine)
To a Lady Who Presented To The Author a Lock of Hair...
To a Lady Who Presented The Author With The Velvet Band...
To Lesbia
To M____
To M.S.G.
To Marion
To Mary, On Receiving Her Picture
To Romance
To The Sighing Strephon
To Woman
When I Roved a Young Highlander

. . . incomplete list